There may be many big questions :
  • How can I bring all my Financial accounting management under one umbrella and grow my business ?
  • How can I further reduce my IT and operations costs for my business and focus on my core areas ?
  • How do I account all my revenues and expenses and track my budgets, cash flows, liquidity and P&L ?
  • How can I track my monetary flows and performance and help to achieve my business goals ?
There is one answer :
Hook on to BIZPLUS FAM Cloud.
  • Immediate Access to the cloud and complete configurability of operations.
  • Manage Accounts and their Ledgers, Groups, Budgets in the cloud.
  • Get the complete picture of monetary flows and manage multiple companies.
  • Alerts for your business management and operations dashboards.
Accessibility and Flexibility
  • Completely configurable role based access controls.
  • All login IDs (your staff and your customers staff) creation, access configuration can be completely done by yourself.
  • Configurable business operations master data and controls which includes Companies, Clients and Accounts setup.
  • Configurable Ledgers, Groups and user defined fields.
  • Configurable various type of accounts.
  • Configurable Alerts and Reports with Scheduling.
Financial Accounting & Management
  • Accounts grouping for all different types of accounts.
  • Ledgers, Banks, Cash and Taxes setup and operations.
  • Ability to record all purchases and sales accounting transactions.
  • Capability to maintain debit, credit notes and journals.
  • Able to check, monitor the payables and receivables at all times.
  • Management support information such as Trail Balanace, Profit & Loss, Balanced Sheet, Daily cash and bank books.
Management and Controls
  • Dashboard for management to monitor cash flow trends and controls.
  • Dashboard for operational monetary flow trends for better cost controls.
  • Dashboard for revenue generation monetary flow trends for better growth.
  • Complete log of all data manipulation activities for investigations.
  • Capable to export to other financial accounting systems such as Tally for any required consolidation.
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