There may be many big questions :
  • How can I manage my project tasks and tickets expand my IT operations with good governance ?
  • How can I further reduce my IT management and operations costs for my business ?
  • How can I focus on my core business expansion than keep being worried about resource utilisation ?
  • How can I track my staff efficiency, tasks and tickets progress to my clients' expectations ?
There is one answer :
Hook on to BIZPLUS Tracker Cloud.
  • Immediate Access to the cloud and complete configurability of operations.
  • Manage Projects Tasks and Tickets globally in the cloud.
  • Track Activities, time taken along with escalations until closures.
  • Measure your tasks and ticket closure performances.
  • Alerts for your business management & operations dashboards.
Accessibility and Flexibility
  • Completely configurable role based access controls.
  • All login IDs creation, access configuration can be completely done by you.
  • Configurable project and support operations master data and controls.
  • Information Alerts and configured reports can be delivered to configured emails.
  • Configure SMS gateway and receive alerts on your mobile.
  • Configure keywords for projects, tasks and tickets.
  • Configurable escalation setup along with email IDs.
Tasks and Tickets Management
  • Easy Tasks search and creation for projects.
  • Simple tickets search, creation and severity and priority tagging.
  • Three level hierarchy (Manager, Leader and Executive) for management of tasks and tickets .
  • Necessary alerts for overdue and unassigned tasks and tickets.
  • Complete activities, timings recording and tracking for tasks and tickets.
  • Tracking of various timelines such as expected completion, estimated start & completion, actual start & completion dates in addition to project estimated and actual hours.
  • Comprehensive recording of root cause analysis for tickets.
  • Costs recordings for the projects, tickets and tasks to monitor the financial viability.
Management and Controls
  • Separate dashboards (open tasks & tickets, unassigned) for all the three different levels.
  • Escalation emails on breach of timelines.
  • Complete log of all data manipulation activities for investigations.
  • Number of reports for management and executives on unassigned and overdue and upcoming tasks and tickets.
  • Ability to keep the values of staff level productivities.
  • Ability to analyse & control the cost centre based expenses.
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