We focus to help our partners businesses in terms of increasing their operational and cost efficiencies, a key area to sustain and grow.

We believe in growing our partner businesses to multi-fold with technology and operations enablement in cloud space.

We aim to achieve growing our partner businesses beyond walls, beyond geographic territories using our unique cloud operations support models. The end result would be 'I am 10x10 square feet in terms of walls, but I am 100 people company'.

Our Small Medium business partners would be able to scale up their operations rapidly with our services whereas our Large customers would be able to see their bottomline improved.

Our SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) are well equipped to provide services and support in the respective clouds available.

We have service partnering with state of art hosting service providers with high level of data privacy, reliability and availability guaranteed.

We are flexible to host the clouds based on customer preferred hosting services partner too.

We cover business domains in the areas of Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Institutions, Libraries, Hostels, Distribution, Trading, IT, Warehousing, Human Resources, Recruitment, Finance & Accounting, Trackers and Customer Relationship Management.

We have plans to cover more domain areas of services both interms of breadth and depth. So please watch out for new focus areas along the way.

Clouds in pipeline and not limited to....
  • B+LMS Learning Management Cloud.
  • B+ACP Alumni/Associations Community Portal Cloud.
  • B+HMS - Hotel & Restaurant Management Cloud.
  • B+Wealth - Wealth Management Cloud.
  • B+Health - Health Management Cloud.
  • B+Insurance - Insurance Cloud.
Our Cloud Partners
Advaya Ecopal Microsoft SSM TechMudz Prova
Lotus TeamCargo NEC IPCS Agam GEP
Baba WL Ilakkiya Wrap Zeal Baba
WL FAL ACCURATE Berkshire Books BM Lab Om Sakthi Books International
The Institute of Indian Foundrymen BYST Manikandan CRP KFTC CA
DHL Logistics Niva Engineering Xindo Windows NIFCO Myunghwa Book World Library
Chennai, India.
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